Transport Systems ~ Actions against Negative Effects!

Mother Channel interviews Ms. Maddy Churchhouse, final year undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh, and Hired Consultant at the Sustainable Low Carbon Transport Partnership with PPMC (Paris Process on Mobility and Climate) at COP 22, Marrakech.

The PPMC joins Michelin Challenge Design in order to promote quick action in the transport centre with regard to decarbonization and encourage the move towards sustainable transport, with an expected positive outcome before the year 2020. Ms Churchhouse stresses that not only the governments, but business and civil society organisations within the private sector, need to be addressed regarding the move away from the production of fossil fuels, and the move towards the usage of electrically powered vehicles, as well as the alternatives of cycling and even walking as means of transport.
A shift in culture may be necessary for this change in everyday living to be successful.

Those involved are looking to the government to provide the relevant infrastructure. Ms Churchhouse hopes that international organisations such as the United Nations can raise profiles of the ocean and the effects that fossil fuels and pollution has had on it, in order to spread awareness throughout the globe.

On a positive note, Paris has already decreased its parking allowances for non-electric vehicles, and China is also working towards developing its road freight system. Various cities and countries have banned microbeads, a change that the UK should consider, and apps such as Uber have influenced many people to make use of public transport, as opposed to driving their own cars all the time.
An issue that she raised, is the increase of millennial car purchases: the first generation that has noticeably greater access to owning their own cars.  Long term hopes for the future include ideas already in action on a minor scale, such as electric flight.

Ultimately, the implementation of decarbonization in all possible aspects is what opens the door to a sustainable future.

Michelin Challenge
Paris Process on Mobility and Climate

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