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“SMALL” Changes In Global Sea Rise…..CATASTROPHIC Implications!

In this presentation of Climate Matters.TV ~ Part 2, at COP 22, Marrakech, Stuart Scott (UPFSI) talks with Prof. Peter Wadhams (Emeritus Prof. of Ocean Physics, Cambridge University) and Ms Maria Pia Casarini Wadhams (Dir. Italian Institute of Polar Geography / Editor of IL POLO Journal), about indigenous Arctic communities loss of lifestyle, Arctic Council, […]

COP 20 Lima – Arctic Methane Emissions & Global Warming

At this COP 20 Presentation on Arctic Methane Emissions and the global warming effects on Earth, by Mr Stuart Scott of UPFSI (United Planet Faith & Science Iniative), he introduces the subject matter with reference to a New York Times article dated Nov. 30 2014, headlined : ‘Optimism faces grave realities at Climate talks’ by […]

Time is running out – The Arctic sea ice is going!

Interview with Professor Peter Wadhams, leading Arctic scientist and Prof. of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University, with Judy Sole of Mother Channel. In 40 years, since 1970, of sea ice research and pole oceanography, Prof. Wadhams has observed and measured changes in arctic and antarctic ice, which have and are still adversely affecting and accelerating […]

COP 21 – Dr Susan Natali – Permafrost Carbon

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Dr Susan Natali, Permafrost Carbon, The Frozen Amplifier of Greenhouse Gases, Carbon in Permafrost is contained in soil and organic matter, It is not included in current forecasts.

COP 21 Dr Dirk Notz – Arctic Sea Ice

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Dr Dirk Notz, Arctic Sea Ice, Max Planck Institute of Meterology, Hamburg, 50% loss of thickness and size of summer ice, CO2 levels are linearly related to levels of Arctic Sea Ice,

COP 21 – Dr Susan Natali, Woods Hole Research Centre

The University of Earth, Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Dr Susan Natali of Woods Hole Research Centre responds to questions about the impact of the higher global temperatures on Permafrost, the resultant melting and bacterial activity will release additional Carbon Dioxide and Methane that has not been included in previous budgets

COP 21 – Dr Georg Kaser – University of Innsbruck

The University of Earth, Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Dr Georg Kaser of Innsbruck University, an expert in glaciers and global warming, explains the uncertainty calculation, a scientific tool needed to gather reliable results, and anthropogenic forcing, which is a change in the Earth’s energy balance due to human economical activities.