‘ARGO to the Rescue’….Monitoring Global Oceans and Coastal Ecosystems

At a Scripps Institute of Oceanography press conference, held at COP 22, Marrakech, Yassir Eddebar, PhD candidate at Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC), and Todd Martz, Associate Professor of marine chemistry speak on the monitoring of the Global Carbon and Heat Budget of the planetary system, giving overviews on a few of the […]

Climate change in the face of denial

What a dichotomy Here you have an island that is slowly being sunk by sea level rise and persistent erosion. The populace of the island are stern or rather die hard Trump supporters and take his stance on climate change as gospel. Yet right before their very eyes they are witnessing the effects of climate […]

Your rights trampled by profit?

This week Jason Sole discusses the rights of a public vs the rights of business pursuing profit. These are part of the pre televised series coming out towards the end of this month on Cape Town TV but as in this case research reveals some interesting concepts worth questioning. In reality what we are referring […]
Climate Apocalypse

The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse

New Release – ENN- The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse This week Jason Sole discusses the following topics: Corals die as local weather and climate change collide in the South China Sea – Planting native vegetation for productive crops – Should be changed to science confirms organic and permaculture standard practises: Sea ice extent sinks […]

Faith tackling the Climate Crisis ~ A Laudato Si’ for the Environment.

In this exclusive Interview With Tomás Insua, Executive Director and Co-founder of Global Catholic Climate Movement, he addresses Catholic tradition in terms of the environment, faith tackling the climate crisis, a future improved world envisioned, political credibility and social crisis on a global level. In response to your question of Catholics taking an interest in […]

Managing Livestock Impacts Under Agriculture | Part 2

In this panel discussion on Methane Emissions in Livestock and Managing the Impacts, various speakers address a variety of subjects like agricultural practices, livestock products, etc and answer questions from the floor at COP 22, Marrakech. Alexandre Berndt, EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), answers an audience member’s questions on our food systems, agricultural practices, viable […]
Proffesor Colin Attwood Image

Who?… What? is affecting the Future of Our Seas and Marine Ecosystems?

In an exclusive interview with Mother Channel, Assoc. Prof. Colin Attwood from the Dept. of Biological Sciences, UCT speaks about his focus on Marine Ecology, Conservation and Fisheries which involves inter alia, the evaluation of the role of marine protected areas in conservation and fisheries, monitoring and assessment of coastal fish stocks, particularly recreational fisheries, […]

The “Soul of Morocco” speaks on Climate Change to the World!

This is short film on Morocco, where the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) was held in Marrakesh in November of 2016. Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It has borders with Western Sahara to the south, Algeria to the […]

Transport Systems ~ Actions against Negative Effects!

Mother Channel interviews Ms. Maddy Churchhouse, final year undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh, and Hired Consultant at the Sustainable Low Carbon Transport Partnership with PPMC (Paris Process on Mobility and Climate) at COP 22, Marrakech. The PPMC joins Michelin Challenge Design in order to promote quick action in the transport centre with regard to […]

Developing Countries ~ Accelerating Climate Technology Transfer

AT COP 22, Marrakech, Mother Channel interviews Ms Karina Larsen, Knowledge and Communications Manager at Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTC-N) and Jaco du Toit,  Manager: Corporate Engagement of WWF – SA. Ms Karina Larsen of Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTC-N) ~ the Centre promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon […]

UK ~ Climate Change “Worries” and Solving the Problem!

In an exclusive interview with Mother Channel, Professor Peter Wadhams leading Arctic scientist and Head of the Polar Ocean Physics at Cambridge University talks on some of the ‘Worries’ particular to the UK and ‘Urgent Actions’ required, at COP 22, Marrakech. Responding to a question on ‘How UK will be affected by global warming in […]


At COP 22 Agriculture Day – Science to Action presentation, Prof. Rattan Lal of the Carbon Management and Sequestration Centre at Ohio State University, speaks on the Sustainable Management of Soil Carbon and Soil Health in Africa and the establishment of soil thresholds in the root zone of Africa. In addressing soil carbon and soil […]