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Boschendal Wine Estate, pioneering the transformation from conventional chemical based cultivation, to complete Organic vine cultivation and Organic Permaculture food crop farming, including newly developed natural insect and weed control technologies.

John Turner – Organic Growing Soil

Permaculture – John Turner – A good soil develops over many seasons. It is a living entity, a synergy of bacteria, fungi, algae, and roots not just the actual soil type. The roots bring solar energy into the soil. The prediction of climate change was that there would be uneven rainfall. We can see that […]

Permaculture – Farmers in Zimbabwe

Farmers in Zimbabwe have been trained in Permaculture and sustainable farming by a Botswanan NPO. They use natural resources to produce crops. For example, their compost is made from raw cow dung processed by worms.

John Turner – Organic Farmer

Permaculture – John Turner – Organic Farming is now more popular than Genetically Modified (GM) Foods.  We have to change because the Industrial system has such a negative impact on the planet as it uses mineral dollars instead of solar dollars. GM has gone out of fashion. The feedback from farmers is that they do […]

Luke Boshier – Sustainable Farming – Part 3

Luke Boshier discusses building methods with compacted soil and 3% cement – wattle and daub methods. The way the poorer people in the area build at the moment shows a victim mentality – they do not knead the clay properly or add mealie husks/grass to the mix so their houses collapse within a year.  Tudor […]
Permaculture   Luke Boshier   Sustainable Farming   Part 1 on Vimeo

Luke Boshier – Sustainable Farming – Part 1

Permaculture farm – Kwa-Zulu Natal – Umgazi River – Luke Boshier – discussion on community land that will be developed. Workshops for 200 people (lifeskills), 60 people (food gardens), other courses on building, water and sanitation.  The soil is dead from repeated burnings which has destroyed all micro-organisms in the soil; top soil has been […]