The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse

New Release – ENN- The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse

This week Jason Sole discusses the following topics:

Corals die as local weather and climate change collide in the South China Sea –

Planting native vegetation for productive crops – Should be changed to science confirms organic and permaculture standard practises:

Sea ice extent sinks to record lows at both poles:

Renewable energy initiative moving to turn wastewater into fuel:

Trumps four horseman of a climate apocalypse

Why is it so hard to recognise that the petroleum industry has just taken control of the EPA, Sec of Interior, State and Energy. You really dont have to be a genius to figure this out.

Report: Climate outlook improves as fewer coal plants built:

.Exxon ordered to hand over Rex Tillerson’s secret emails to climate change prosecutors:

US ‘forces G20 to drop any mention of climate change’ in joint statement:

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