Your rights trampled by profit?

This week Jason Sole discusses the rights of a public vs the rights of business pursuing profit. These are part of the pre televised series coming out towards the end of this month on Cape Town TV but as in this case research reveals some interesting concepts worth questioning.

In reality what we are referring to is the balance between products of a business vs our rights to an environment that is free from degradation. It seems a completely illogical construct that we allow large or even small business to continue to do business that negatively impacts our lives or our environment. In as much as they have the rights to generate wealth in whatever means they deem fit their products cannot destroy our environment.

How does the CEO of Monsanto or Bayer feel at night knowing that their product is killing people or causing ill health impacts? How does the CEO of Coke a Cola or Pick n Pay justify their clean homes while knowing that their products are polluting the world around them? What is so hard about expecting them to provide us with a product that is non destructive and capable of being recycled? It is so ludicrously ironic that the lipstick green actions that they undertake in their “social responsibility” programmes are completely undermined by the overwhelming output of pure garbage.

Perhaps a slightly larger question is this? What has happened to us as a consuming public that we still look up to these top CEOs and managers when clearly the only role we feature in their thinking is unit in and unit out. Why do we still allow this degree of corporate narcissism to perpetuate the destruction of our environment without any repercussions or recourse?

Here are some links you may find useful:

Report on Round Up in food products:

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  1. If we don’t buy the products they won’t produce them. The problem is with the consumer not the companies.


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