Climate Apocalypse

The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse

New Release – ENN- The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse This week Jason Sole discusses the following topics: Corals die as local weather and climate change collide in the South China Sea – Planting native vegetation for productive crops – Should be changed to science confirms organic and permaculture standard practises: Sea ice extent sinks […]

Global Drought rears its ugly head, the status and solutions

Jason Sole covers the  spread of global drought and the impacts that it is having across the world. This topic seems to be emerging more and more as climate change spreads its grip creating extreme weather phenomena. In a nutshell it could be argued that the current El Nino could be a primary driver behind […]

Global Drought, Food Production and another heat record

Jason Sole discusses another month of temperature records set globally (see link below)  and the impacts it is beginning to have on various locations around the globe (see link below). He also discusses the report released recently regarding the stress on the agricultural industry (see link below) in providing food for a growing human population […]

Marine Ecosystems, Oceans, Droughts & Bees

ENN ~ Jason Sole reporting on: Vietnam ~ Marine eco-system devastation : River fish dying in unusually large numbers due to high levels of toxicity in ocean and rivers around Vietnam. Japan ~ Massive die-back of living fossil, Horse-shoe crab, off the coast of Japan. Closely monitored by environmentalists, who ascertain that this die back […]

Good News for the Ozone – Bad News for Fish

ENN presenter, Jason Sole, has good news about the ozone layer and its effect on Anarctica and very bad news about the future of fish and the sinister practices in the unregulated high seas that are decimating world fish and causing massive amount of extinctions.