Press briefing by CAN Intl. – Expectations of COP 22, Marrakech

At an Opening Press Briefing by Climate Action Network, Ms Dharini Parthasarathy (Comms CoOrdinator) introduces Panel Speakers Alden Meyer (Union of Concerned Scientists), Harjeet Singh (Action Aid) and Julien Treisetti (Green Peace Intl.) to give an overview of Expectations from COP 22 conference in Marrakech.

Ambitions set in Paris in 2015 are already too low as the global average temperature increases are already exceeding targets set in Paris. Divestment from fossil fuel power generation is urgently required and replaced with large scale investments into renewable energy. Globally, we are in dire straits with global warming, which needs to be addressed urgently by all countries. Finance for a global green economy is the biggest issue in the current negotiations.

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