Your rights trampled by profit?

This week Jason Sole discusses the rights of a public vs the rights of business pursuing profit. These are part of the pre televised series coming out towards the end of this month on Cape Town TV but as in this case research reveals some interesting concepts worth questioning. In reality what we are referring […]

COP 22 – JT Reager – NASA climate monitoring abilities

COP 22 Exclusive – JT Reager from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory explains the abilities of NASA climate monitoring capabilities utilising satellites at COP 22. He covers almost every basic area of climate science and justifies their position on global warming. This is an extremely honest frank discussion. As a hydrologist he was able to provide […]

Global Drought rears its ugly head, the status and solutions

Jason Sole covers the  spread of global drought and the impacts that it is having across the world. This topic seems to be emerging more and more as climate change spreads its grip creating extreme weather phenomena. In a nutshell it could be argued that the current El Nino could be a primary driver behind […]
Wayword Sun and Liliana Transplanter Image

Change Agents-Interview with AMbush Guerilla Gardening Collective

Change Agent Series (Ep. 3) –  Two guerrilla gardeners (Wayword Sun and Liliana Transplanter) in a network of city greeners representing AMbush Guerilla Gardening Collective talk to us about the evolution of their art-form. They are using planting as a act of inspiration and rebellion against the stark and rubbish fueled environment of the big […]