Global Justice Groups speak out on Impact of USA Election

Part 1: Global Justice Group’s backlash after US Election results…

Global Justice groups called a Press conference in response to the 2016 US elections, in terms of a climate denialist being elected to the Whitehouse, and and an urgent call on the Parties to the UNFCCC to protect the U.N. climate talks and climate policymaking around the world from the influence of big polluters, at CO 22, Marrakech.

Corporate Accountability International (Mr Jesse Bragg) – we are a human rights watchdog in corporate accountability and the challenge is corporate abuse, as well as leading the ‘Kick Big Polluters Out’ campaign at UNFCCC, which is focused on protecting these negotiations and climate policy, moreover from the influence of the fossil fuel and emission intensive industries.  The President-elect has vowed regardless of it’s foundation and law to exit the Paris Agreement, however, the devastation actually goes much deeper – this election has exposed deep divides in our country driven by an economic system that benefits the few, whilst leaving the vast majority behind and one of the greatest challenges that face us now is the uncertainty of the new administrations future actions and role in these negotiations.
It is ever more clear that we cannot count on the US and some other global North countries for solutions that work for the people on the planet and given this new reality, civil society globally must unite in forging ahead and support those governments that seek to ‘Do the Right Thing’ for our planet and expose those who don’t – we must stop allowing the US from undermining climate policy!

Centre for Biological Diversity (Ms Jean Su) – I speak for an environmental and climate justice organisation both for ecosystems and vulnerable communities around the world and we believe that the world, nor climate progress will “crash and burn”, because of the new US President-elect’s climate denial and negative views on other social standards.  Lessons from the past have taught us that to combat these negative challenges, we have two clear methods with which to work, i.e. a) People power in civil society, vulnerable communities and countries and b) institutions viz; Federal State system whose main purpose is to limit the power of the US president to regress on important issues like the existential climate crisis, and on a local level we will persist as US citizens and it is incumbent on us all to take state local action on all fronts as well as educate all US citizens to band together – one single man cannot ruin a whole 20 years of progress and entire globe progression for Climate Change!

Statement by Mr Asad Rehman of FOE – Intl., quote: “I want to express our solidarity as a global federation with all those in the US who awoke today (09.11.16) with the fear of renewed and ongoing racism and zenophobia in terms of the election of a climate change denier and society antagonist to US President-elect and to our colleagues in the Native American communities, including all those on the frontline, poor and black communities facing environmental justice.

Links :  (Action campaign to kick big polluters out of the most important climate policy negotiations)   (Corp. Accountability Intl.)  (Centre for Biological Diversity)

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