Climate change in the face of denial

What a dichotomy Here you have an island that is slowly being sunk by sea level rise and persistent erosion. The populace of the island are stern or rather die hard Trump supporters and take his stance on climate change as gospel. Yet right before their very eyes they are witnessing the effects of climate […]
scott pruitt interview image

Scott Pruitt finally unmasks his position on climate change

Scott Pruitt takes off the gloves Perhaps the dimmest man in US history to ever occupy the office of EPA chief finally reveals his position. How on earth its possible that a known petroleum industry purchase can get into this office is simply beyond me. Going to be interesting to watch how Scott Pruitt slowly deconstructs years […]

Global Justice Groups speak out on Impact of USA Election

Part 1: Global Justice Group’s backlash after US Election results… Global Justice groups called a Press conference in response to the 2016 US elections, in terms of a climate denialist being elected to the Whitehouse, and and an urgent call on the Parties to the UNFCCC to protect the U.N. climate talks and climate policymaking […]