The oil hoax that we live in, the 5 step fix and some news


This is an extra length two part ENN release by Jason Sole and the Mother Channel team. In the first part we cover the news headlines:

In the second part we outline our plan for changing the destruction that is happening on the planet. Its really a good plan:) If you want to skip the news and just jump into our plan skip forward to roughly 9.35minutes. Sorry about the poor editing, we working on getting better and better. Herewith a summary of the five point plan.

1. Business is evaluated not solely on the profit they produce but also on the cleaning that is required as a result of utilising their product. Ya see. If I make a drinking fountain that is really beautiful but it kills the people who drink it should I be held accountable?

2. New country investment into energy infrastructure is only renewable BUT, once the system has paid for itself, (typically 5 years), the benefit of the free power is given back to the citizens. In Chile, Germany and Portugal this is already done. In Chile no citizen or company has paid an electrical bill in the last 154 days. The saving has helped business recover and people to save, its also boosted overall economy in retail and leisure sales.

3. All farming is converted to organic. No more chemicals in the water ways. No more pesticides. This does three things. It provides you with the same vegetables you were already eating. Those vegetables are actually far healthier for you. The process of organic encourages microbes in the soil (currently lost) to capture and sequester CO2.

4. You cut down on meat intake. If you eat it 5 times a week you now eat it 3 times. If you eat 4 times you eat it 2 times. You dont have to stop. You just need to cut down. Why? Its healthier. Less water is wasted on animal rearing. Less food is wasted. Less methane is produced.

5. Battery powered vehicles. This is already the primary choice of travel in Norway. There you have it. Is that so bad? You make more money (spend less), you healthier, business is more honest and the environment is saved.

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  1. So far just had a glimpse and stopped there.
    You say eat less meat so there won`t have to be so many animals producing `methane`. You are trying to put a band-aid on a problem that isn`t there.

    What you should do is STOP the spraying of `methane` into our atmosphere. If by chance you haven`t heard about that…..check out “Chem Trails” and “GEO-Engineering.
    You mentioned “Organic” food production….I agree 100%……so STOP the Evil corporations and Governments that are spraying chemicals, aerosols, and aluminum into the atmosphere.
    STOP Monsatan and other companies from producing GMOs and the Evil that comes with it (e.g. Glyphosate).
    Do this, and you will see a change in the weather and possibly climate. “Climate Change” is only a `term` created by the people doing these Evil deeds to lead people away from what is REALLY GOING ON!


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