Global Warming – Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Union Minister adn Environmentalist, India – We need to understand that Global Warming is already upon us, we have already lost quality of life, now we are discussing life itself. Each country needs to take action with or without legislation.

John Turner – Organic Farmer

Permaculture – John Turner – Organic Farming is now more popular than Genetically Modified (GM) Foods.  We have to change because the Industrial system has such a negative impact on the planet as it uses mineral dollars instead of solar dollars. GM has gone out of fashion. The feedback from farmers is that they do […]

COP 21 Isis Alvarez – Global Forest Coalition

The University of Earth, Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Isis Alvarez works for the Global Forest Coalition – a group of social movements, NGOs and Indigenous People’s Organisations, which protects indigenous people’s rights when international forestry policies destroy livelihoods.

Cancun Climate Summit 2010 – Kenya’s Achievements in Wind Power Energy

Cancun Climate Summit, Mexico, December 2010 – Kenya has superior wind power to the North Sea offshore winds. They have already constructed a 350MW windpower farm and have a Geothermal capacity of 17000MW. Kenya is taking the leaad in controlling their own destiny through the Public Private Partnerships in renewable energy, particularly wind farms.

COP 21 – Tamar Lawrence-Samuel – Big Polluters bankrolling COP 21

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Fuelling the Fire – the Big Polluters Bankrolling COP21, Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, Corporate Accountability International, Olivier Hoedeman, Corporate Europe Observatory, Asad Rehman, Friends of Earth, The Negative Influence of Transnational Corporations on Climate Policy