NASA Hydrology Satellite observations of terrestrial water cycle

Monitoring of the world’s water resources is challenging due to limited large scale observations, particularly a lack of observations of water beneath the land surface. NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission provides an unprecedented view of the regional net terrestrial water balance, with global coverage, over a now >10 year record. This event […]

‘InsuResilience’~a Pro-Poor focus for Climate-Stressed and Vulnerable peoples

David Hewitt of United Nations University Institute ~ Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), introduces speakers  with interdisciplinary expertise on Climate Analytics, Risk Management and Insurance from the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) for the launch of their latest policy report entitled, ‘Making Climate Risk Insurance work for the most vulnerable : ‘InsuResilience’ ~ 7 Guiding Principles, […]

Future of Agriculture in Morocco with Prof James Burleigh

In an exclusive interview with Mother Channel, at COP 22 conference, Professor James R. Burleigh, USA soil scientist from Sante Fe, Mexico, speaks on his current training program at ENA – Ecole Nationale D’Agriculture de Meknès, Morocco, with Prof. Mohammed Boulif (Prof. of Agriculture, Morocco) covering mainly agricultural research methodologies, i.e. setting up field experiments […]

COP 22 Oxfam and WWF ~ Climate Adaptation Finances, Ambition and Action Agenda

Climate Action Network Intl. moderator, Ms Dharini Parthasarathy, introduces two speaker’s, namely Isabel Kreisler from Oxfam Intl. presenting on the 100 Billion Road Map and Climate Financial flow, as well as Mariana Panuncio from WWF Intl. who speaks on Pre 2020 Ambition and the Climate Action Agenda, at COP 22, Marrakech conference. Isabel Kreisler (Oxfam’s Climate […]

COP 22 Global Goal on Adaptation for NDC’s

As a follow up on the agreed Global Goal on Adaptation requirement as per Paris agreement, panel speakers, Mr Harjeet Singh (Action Aid), Mr Sandeep Chamling Rai (WWF Intl.) and Mr Sven Harmeling (Care Intl.) present and speak on the launch of their Global Goal on Adaptation report and the ultimate objective of climate change […]

COP 22 Methane Emissions in Livestock ~ Managing Impacts

A Q&A Discussion Panel of experts from Uruguay, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Brazil, address the issues of mitigation impacts in livestock production systems and share how they are managing their measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems in terms of livestock emissions and to identify practical innovations for the collection and coordination of activity data […]

COP 22 Germanwatch on CCP Index – ‘Real Action’ Climate goals

By invitation from Germanwatch as a guest speaker, Ms Taonga Mbale (Dir. Environmental Affairs Dept. and National Focus Point for Climate Change, Malawi) comments on her countries climate change index to date, with Sönke Kreft (Team Leader: Intl. Climate Policy) and Christoph Bals (Political Dir: Policy) who elaborated on Germanwatch’s CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index) […]

Dr. Ilissa Ocko – How Climate Change is Impacting Africa

Ms Ilissa Ocko, Climate Scientist at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in New York gives insights into how Climate Change is currently impacting Africa and what the future holds, at COP 22, Marrakech. Scientists have identified and observed climate change impacts on every continent and in every ocean and referring to the 2014 IPCC AR5 Working […]

NOAA~GFDL Climate Modelling and Predictions in 21st Century

NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Director, Mr V. Ramaswamy, speaks on the capture of Changes in Earths systems, i.e. Atmosphere, Oceans, Land and Ice, etc utilizing high resolution modelling in the 21st century to predict more detailed regional climate mapping and information. In terms of what has been observed, conclusions reached by IPCC AR5 Assessment […]