COP 20 Presenter on Organic virus free crop seeds

COP 20 LIMA Presenter on: Importance of organic virus free crop seeds, companion planting trees, fruit trees and food crops which create a more bio-diverse ecosystem and resilient farming base. Recommendations on best practices of seed sources and collection. Combining conservation with restoration efforts

Christian Aid ~ Road to 2015 Climate Change Agreement rocky

In an update on state of negotiations between countries regarding Limiting the Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change, in terms of addressing and finalizing all aspects of the text towards the 2015 agreement, Mr Mohamed Adow,(Snr Climate Change Advisor for NGO: Christian Aid ), gives his views and commentary at COP 20, Lima. Positive […]

Shell Oil Company’s Global Adaptation to Climate Change Risks

US Center Presenter from Shell Oil Company, US, speaks on Shell’s Global Adaptation process in terms of Climate Change risks, operational hazards and challenges at facilities around the world, at COP 20, Lima. In terms of Risk Assessment for the global group, we started by brainstorming in ‘think-tank’ sessions, how we might ‘inventorize’ the climate […]

World Bank Group – Greening Economic Landscapes for Future

World Bank Group’s Ms Rachel Kyte, Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change, speaks on Engineering a Green Energy Future through an integrated Landscape approach, at COP 20, Lima. Our goal and focus in terms of the landscape approach, in conjunction with the IPCC Report (Nov. 2014), is the decarbonization of our economy by […]

COP 20 Smallholder Farming Systems for Future Resilient Agriculture

In an interview at COP 20, Lima, with a speaker from Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), who spoke on the issue of smallholder farmers having the simultaneous roles of  ‘Risk’ and ‘Information’ managers in today’s farming environments with the added complexities and challenges of climate change as well. In terms of farming systems, farmers need […]

COP 20 Stuart Scott Interview on Neo Classical Economics

At an interview with  Stuart Scott during COP 20 LIMA, he spoke on the subject of Neo Classical economics and expanded on his analysis of Earth’s Money and Economics defective operating system. The greatest threat to humanity is the collapse of Agriculture. Agricultural zones of the planet would move further north and south, mostly further […]

COP 20 Lima Panel Speakers on Climate Resilience Transition and Sustainable Urban Metabolism

Panel speakers at COP 20, presenting on the environmental assessment and participatory planning in establishing sustainable practices and systems and the focus on creating more sustainable, resilient urban environments in Cities and regions in Latin America. Andrew Griffin, Director, Regional Environments Hub office in South America, our office is one of twelve offices created by […]
Cop20, Lima – Ms Jeannette Pablo (PNM Resources, New Mexico)

COP 20 – Utilities – Climate Resilience, Compliance, Water-Sharing Scheme

COP 20 Lima, Ms Jeannette Pablo of PNM Resources, Washington DC ( and principal liaison with US Climate Action Partnership speaks about factors that impact the New Mexico Power Utilities business resiliency, business model and climate approach, in terms of efficiency and compliance. Some of the factors that affect our business in general are, amongst […]

COP 20 Pacific Ocean El Niño Impacts

NASA presenter, speaks on the observation results of the physical, biological and atmospheric impacts of the  Pacific Ocean El Niño, taken via various measuring and recording methodologies, e.g.  satellite imagery, ocean measuring instruments, among others, at US Center, Pacific Ocean El Niño impacts, COP 20, Lima. NASA’s Earth Observing fleet in space has greatly contributed […]

COP 20 – Youth Climate Activists Panel

Youth Climate Activists speak out at COP 20 on Youth participation and engagement in the IPCC COP conferences and Youth being part of the solution, with host John Foran, co-founder of the Climate Justice project, [] and International Institute of Climate Action and Theory [], introducing speakers on the panel. Youth Climate activist, Ms Raquel […]