‘From the Ground Up’ ~ Conscious, Productive, Natural Ecosystems equals “Health”!

Mother Channel hosts an intellectual exchange between Mr John Turner (Permaculture expert at Monkey Valley Resort) and Ms Heidi Du Preez (Food Scientist) who talk on bioflavonoids in fruit and vegetables, microbial communities in soil and food, food industry and more.

In opening the discussions, John Turner states that he works in a most exciting area for the development of agricultural ecosystems, Permaculture – which is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. He expressed an interest in gaining a better understanding of the relevant microbial communities at play in the environment, specifically which type of microbes we need to nurture generally and in our husbandry as well. It is well known that organic methods where the application of compost and hummus and building the population of the soil life, gets results, but we actually do not know the specifics in terms of convincing people of not only the ‘common sense’ factor but also the availability of a lot of scientific evidence and rationale in this field of organic natural farming.

Heidi Du Preez responded by explaining that the microbial organisms are actually a community that works synergistically with all aspects of the process, i.e. the soil, food and human consumption and the health of each. There are two schools of microbes, the beneficial and the pathogenic,an example of the beneficial organisms, like earthworms in the soil, keeping it loose, lubricated and helping to break down the nutrients – probiotics, whereas the pathogenic bacteria, fungi and parasites, etc., they have a double-negative as they feed on the nutrients and produce toxins.
In talking about food production, Heidi expands on the manner in which this happens in the modern world, everything is so over sterilised and over cleaned with most foods being grown hydroponically and synthetically, which has resulted in soil-based organisms (probiotics) being marketed as supplements for improved health in humans.

This is a deep-rooted problem in all aspects of life, but in general, it can be put down to ‘ignorance’, however, if we realise this and act, we as Consumers can start to bring the change, and not wait for the change. It is up to us as Consumers to become more enlightened, to understand the processes and the effect it has and to make Better and Wiser choices!

Watch more: Diet equals Health, Food and Pandemics, Value over Health, Pesticides and Toxins, etc. in this presentation.

Links: permacultureprinciples.com/ Permaculture Principles
whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=nutrient&dbid=119 Flavonoids

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