Climate Change and Health ~ Investment, Planetary Health and Tracking Progress (Part 3)

COP 22 – In this 3rd presentation, Financing in Health, Rockefeller Commitment and Lancet Project (Monitoring), the Health Panel discuss the essence of Co-benefits that exist between Climate and Health – a proposition for enabling the health and climate community to come together and put the business case for more investment from some of the Climate funds and also more investment for domestically mobilized resources, as well as other concessional finance, etc. (Mr James Close, Dir. Climate Change Group – World Bank), ‘Planetary Health Commitment’ – in searching for a defined focus for the next 100 years of the Rockefeller foundation over a variety of areas, e.g. agriculture, health, etc. it became clear that “We have to pay attention to the relationship between our environment and our health, because the two are so directly linked (Mr Michael Myers, MD Rockefeller Foundation) and the 2015 Lancet Commission – Project Lancet Countdown is focused on tracking progress on Public Health and Climate Change – a new research collaboration dedicated to tracking these changes across the world (Mr Nick Watts, Exec. Dir. Lancet Countdown – Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change) with Q&A open to the floor thereafter.

Links : (Lancet Countdown – Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change)

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