COP 20 – Youth Climate Activists Panel

Youth Climate Activists speak out at COP 20 on Youth participation and engagement in the IPCC COP conferences and Youth being part of the solution, with host John Foran, co-founder of the Climate Justice project, [] and International Institute of Climate Action and Theory [], introducing speakers on the panel. Youth Climate activist, Ms Raquel […]

COP 20 – Critical Levels of Methane Emissions

COP 20 Lima. John Nissen & Paul Beckwith speak on the global underestimation of the scale of Methane emissions & its contribution to Global Warming. The IPCC has not included Methane emissions in its current reports. Methane is a vastly more damaging than CO2 & even after decaying for 100 years its still 20 times […]

COP 21 Spiritual Dimension – Dr Saleem Huq, IPCC

Spiritual Dimension – Dr Saleem Huq, IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the international body for assessing the science related to climate change. Climate Change is a moral issue, rich people cause the pollution and poor people in both poor and rich countries are the ones who suffer.