Wild Bees in South Africa Image

South African Wild Bees Part One – Ms Jenny Cullinan

South African Wild Bees (Part One) Mother Channel interview with bee researcher, Ms Jenny Cullinan, co-founder of UJUBEE, an environmental team who conduct research on South African wild bees in the wild, mainly in the Fynbos rich regions of  the Cape, South Africa. We have been researching South African wild bees for the last 3 […]

Marine Ecosystems, Oceans, Droughts & Bees

ENN ~ Jason Sole reporting on: Vietnam ~ Marine eco-system devastation : River fish dying in unusually large numbers due to high levels of toxicity in ocean and rivers around Vietnam. Japan ~ Massive die-back of living fossil, Horse-shoe crab, off the coast of Japan. Closely monitored by environmentalists, who ascertain that this die back […]