From Big Oil to Renewable Energy: 5 Facts in 10 Minutes

From Big Oil to Renewable Energy: 5 Facts in 10 Minutes – Matthew John

A very good expose on the vested oil interests relating to the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Standing Rock community. Brilliantly presented in a condensed information pack that shows the true motives behind the project and its viability in a ever expanding clean energy market. Matthew John ( breaks down action into a couple of simple steps:

  1. Support Local Movements
    1. Here is a petition you can sign:
    2. The Sioux Tribe Facebook site
    3. Engage with a cause nearest to you:
  2. Use and Promote Solar Energy
    1. This is something that should be done in every country on earth. Its cheaper than existing forms of power and most importantly is clean.
  3. Stop Banks Funding Pipelines
    1. This is a divestment campaign for banks who fund projects that are not in the interests of their primary or base clientele. A list of the banks can be obtained here:
  4. Is a list to the links:
    1. Standing Rock Support

Although this message is related specifically to the standing rock community the problem is worldwide and thus should be looked into on a global scale. Why do we continue to allow a small minority to ruin the environment around us?

Check out Matthew John’s facebook here

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