COP 20 – Iain Keith of Avaaz – Snr Campaign Director

Iain Keith, a Senior Campaign Director of Avaaz, a civic organisation that promotes global activism, speaks at COP 20, Lima, Peru on Energy -People Power pushing Positive Change. In a quoted statement: ‘2014 was a turning point year’, Iain Keith elaborates on some of the facts that support this statement, viz; People Power, Renewable Energy […]

COP 20 Azeb Girmai IofC-Ethiopia on Adaptation & Mitigation Actions

Ms. Azeb Girmai of Initiatives of Change (IofC) and LDC Watch in conjunction with other panel speakers, addressed the issues of lack of support and funding from developed countries for LDC’s (Least Developed Countries) and Africa in terms of adaptation and mitigation, as well as binding adaptation actions not being embedded in the COP negotiations. […]

COP 20 Korean Climate Change Impacts, Trends and Adaptation

Presenters from Korea Adaptation Centre for Climate Change (KACCC) speak on Korea’s Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation efforts, including International Cooperation for Adaptation, at COP 20, Lima, Peru. Currently the degree of climate change on the Korean Peninsula is greater than the global average, even with Korean Government’s strong commitment, the fight against climate change […]
Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com – COP 20 Algore Flawed GDP

COP 20 Al Gore Flawed GDP System

Al Gore speaks about the flawed GDP system which only measures growth and the impact on finite resources, lack of investment in education, health & family services. A Sustainability measurement system needs to be implemented in business plans & included in government policies globally.

COP 20 Woman Panel Speakers on Climate & Gender InJustice

COP 20 Lima Woman Panel Speakers from WECAN on: Global Climate Injustice which particularly affects woman. Inclusion of woman in Climate Change policies & mitigation measures. Gender equality in the global sustainable economy and womans rights to participate in Climate Change adaptation & mitigation initiatives.
Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com – COP20 Hi Carbon Low Efficiency

COP 20 Hi Carbon-Low Efficiency

COP 20 LIMA Speaker on the transition from the present non-sustainable high carbon, low efficiency cities and economies, to sustainable low carbon high efficiency cities, economies and environments.

COP 20 IFOAM Panel Speakers on Organic Smallholder farming

COP 20 Lima Panel Speakers from the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) on: The inclusion of positive Small-holder Organic Farming climate change impacts in the IPCC climate action negotiation agenda. Agriculture is at the forefront of climate change impacts with, droughts, floods & extreme weather impacting on food security and loss of farming […]

COP 20 – Stewart Scott

Stewart Scott of the United Planet Faith and Science Initiative talks about a new level of realisation at COP 20 reflected in the recent NY Times article declaring that without an agreement the planet will soon become uninhabitable for humans. These negotiations are not between the Global North and the Global South but between those […]