It is already too late for any gradual transition – especially since action to save the world still depends on the whim of individual countries, organisations and industry.


Minimum Immediate Actions to Curtail and Reduce Green House Gases:

Stop production of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuel sources.

Stop methane produced from livestock, waste heaps, forests fires, drained peatlands ( by rehydrating peatlands as the Indonesian government has now agreed to do but they lack the resources to do it fast enough.) , rice paddy fields, to balance and maybe slow/stop the output of methane from the melting permafrost.

Stop nitrous oxide (N20) from the use of nitrogen compounds in fertilisers – 230 times worse than carbon dioxide (CO2) for global warming.

Stop black carbon from any kind of fire but especially from burning bush and forests.

Stop airborne dust from ploughed fields by using no tilling planting methodology.

Stop particulate dispersal from fertilisers, pesticides and industry.


The ecosystems have kept this all in balance for millions of years. We need to restore them to maximum health so that they can rectify this again.

Restoring ecosystems, by partnering with nature, will be our best option for remediation of these.(See the film “Green Gold” by John Liu)

It is essential, for every form of life, that urgent action be taken to restore all water to clean drinking water

All wetlands to be protected by effective laws and new ones to be created to replace those lost to construction, mining, farming practices, etc.

Stop the manufacture of all chemicals – household products, toiletries, poisons, fertilisers, Manufacture only those artificial chemicals that are critical for the environment’s health.

Cease all hunting as significant numbers of any key species, especially apex predators, missing from an ecosystem can collapse the whole system.


Dead Zone rehabilitation needs to be urgently undertaken and no more non biological man made chemicals and man made waste must enter the environment 80% of which will end up in the sea.


Halt all the damaging processes immediately.

No amount of disruption now, caused by stopping our economies in a controlled way, will match the chaos if the results of the damage we have done continues unabated.

To avoid:

Huge earth and climate changes,


Massive ongoing drought,


Hypercanes – hurricanes of unimaginable fury.

Methane sulphide fireballs.

Forest fires with no chance of putting them out.

Would you not rather put up with changes that take us into new systems for the whole world that could result in:

Reduction of cancers,


Food disorders

Heart disease,

Reduce / Eliminate poverty,

Restore the natural abundance of nature.


According to almost all the climate change institutes and scientists that I have filmed/interviewed the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere will already take our planet above 4°C, there is a 20 year delay between the creation and effect of CO2..

Because many global processes become so disastrous and difficult to reverse, even at 2°C above preindustrial levels, all the climate change conferences are insisting that global temperatures should not increase above 1.5°C.

Therefore, as an urgent priority, we need to get carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere.

All means need to be urgently deployed such as:

Increasing vegetation,

Keeping soils covered to aid a massive increase of soil microorganisms in the soil,

Cool the planet fast enough to reverse what is happening to phytoplankton.

No till farming or monoculture for cereal crops,

Dismantle mono culture of crops,

Cease the movement of food by consuming only local crops,

New farming to be done as agroforestry,

Increase consumption of vegetables to reduce the almost 3 billion animals being farmed for their meat.

Move away as rapidly a possible from using fossil fuels for power generation and transport even if it means doing without power and transport until the source changes.

The basic remedial action/s above will require the help of many, many people to be deployed.


We propose that we should begin to assist nature by:

Covering soil to protect the micro-organisms that live there,

Putting organic matter into the soil,

Assisting, in every way possible, the soil’s microbes so as to take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of circulation,

Planting and nurturing non genetically modified plants extensively.

Bringing deserts to life and

Restoring water catchment areas (See the success in the Gobi deserts and Sahel “Green Gold – filmed by John Liu),

Detoxifying wetlands and aquifers.

No fires,

No man made chemicals,

Environmentally friendly toiletries, household cleaning products, No poisons.

Summary of the solutions from the various experts that I have filmed:



  1. We need to STOP. Deliberately collapse the existing fatally flawed economic system. Suspend all debt and use of money indefinitely – It is about to collapse again anyway and it is the motivation behind all the damage and rape of the sea, forests, earth, people.

  2. Relocate our population into areas where they will be able to grow food and restore ecosystems, away from potential drought and rising sea level affected areas. Select who they would like to be with till long range travel by electric vehicles, maglev rails and solar planes is available.

  3. Educate by television, internet and field tips in the interim

  4. Leave only those activities that are producing

  • the means to new systems e.g. solar panel manufacture and its components, electric cars and retrofitting vehicles natural medicines, tools for organic agriculture etc.producing or delivering organic and free range food.

  • Electronic equipment production to provide everyone equipment to facilitate communication,(cells) television and internet.

  1. STOP all other commuting and travel.

  2. Urgently roll out a renewable energy power sourced transport system . Then stop current oil based transport as soon as possible while we retrofit cars for electric energy source and roll out custom made electric cars without government legislation obstacles.

  3. IMPORTANT Within 6 months, reduce herds of livestock by 90% leaving mostly dairy and chickens and making all free range. This will massively decrease methane levels and could thus cool the world according to Ghandi’s advisors.

8. Stop the transport of live animals from the farms to city abattoirs where their excreta becomes a waste problem – instead of a resource for the farm. Treat animals with respect and kindness to increase productivity and diminish stress in every way possible.

9. Restore all wilderness areas and protect these from domestic livestock, poachers, traps and fire.

10. Fossil fuel vehicles are to be replaced by electrically powered units, but meanwhile only use them in essential industry , to transport food, from compliant organic farms to restaurant areas where people will get fed, administration of the plan and emergency use..

FOOD OVER THE PERIOD – All organic. Free range. No more monoculture, ploughing. Nor leaving ground uncovered at any stage. No artificial fertilisers. No poisons. No overhead irrigation.

No battery or factory farming.

A version of the banting diet with 20% protein ( little or no meat) 10% fat and 70 % vegetables and fruit is easier to supply under survival circumstances, eliminates most diabetis, cancer, obesity and heart disease and makes better use of our pending huge water and soil shortages.

Stop all existing grain production. Almost all grains are too hybridised or genetically modified to be of enough nutritional value to waste our water, nd soil on and difficult to grow enough in non monoculture farming

Allow soils that have had poison and fertiliser to lie fallow while they recover. Grow nitrogen fixing plants during this period to renew the soils.

Use no poisons and man made chemicals. Cover soils with organic matter to absorb moisture and protect micro-organisms against intense heat and cold. Also to turn the soil back into an efficient effectively water “reservoir” harbouring a huge biomass of myriads of life forms capable of adding nutritious value to food and sequestering 20% of the CO2.

Grow nitrogen fixing plants and plant fruit and nut trees.

Seven years is generally considered how long it takes for soils to recover from poisons used in monoculture and to be classified organic.

On other land grow organically the correct amount and variety of food, fruit and above ground vegetables using chickens for weed and pest control.

Use the soil and water to grow the right amount of the most nutritious combinations of food for human and animal health.20% protein, 10% fat, 20% root vegetables like potatoes and carrots and 50% above ground largely green vegetables.

Eliminate all types of food that do not produce maximum beneficial nutrition needs for water expended. Do not refine foods to reduce their nutritious value nor use additives (which cause inflammation in the body).

Set up transport links for those who already produce organically and encourage farmers to produce on land that is not toxic appropriate foods for consumption.

Teach and supply for food gardens in cities and de-centralise as widely as possible.

Relocate communities away from flood lines and above the 20m contour to restore ecosystems and grow food.

Feed and house people as in war times.

Stop all transport for those who are not involved with essential industry as in 1 until electric power from renewables is the source of energy for transport.

Educate through the air and local field trips.

Transport food with fossil fuel until renewable replaces it.

Train up doctors, organic farmers, artisans, and re-educate everyone with an integrated vision of how the world interconnects and gain far keener understanding of their bodies.


Organic healthy food and small amounts of free range meat cooked by top chefs or their pupils on TV available free in far more small localised restaurants to reduce the centres of waste and centralise cooking and refrigeration.

Cars retrofitted and later custom made for lightness with electric power source, self navigating and non collision software.

Mag lev tracks and solar planes for long distance high speed intercity.

No waste can be created. Dispensers and reusable containers. Reuse.

Nothing is created that is not a resource for another species i.e. no waste, no built in obsolescence, no destroyed excess food (currently up to 60%),

No disposables.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle- Respect.

No mining due to damaging chemicals used in refining and processing.

Re-use existing material wherever possible.

Sewerage to become an agricultural resource.

Re-plumb the country so that potable water is not used for toilets.

Recycle grey water biologically through wetlands and reuse.

Water is revitalised through flow forms to be more effective.

Fishing is only from the shore with hand rods or small electric powered boats.

Trawlers and long line fishing vessels are redeployed or broken up for steel.

All shipping is stopped until it is either wind or solar powered and controls its sewerage.

Mechanised fishing ceases forever. Existing lost traps and detached lines on the sea floor that endlessly catch fish are recovered and the material used

No tree may be cut down unless 10 are planted in their place and nurtured to adulthood.


Installing solar, wind, systems.

Production of low energy appliances, electric vehicles and transport systems.

Decommissioning of nuclear power plants and “safe” disposal of nuclear and toxic waste.

Re-plumbing of the country so that grey water is biologically recycled and fresh water is revitalised and only used for drinking, cooking and washing. And the almost 40% of water lost in leaking pipes is saved.

No non foods will be grown during this period, nor imports so consumerism will be replaced by huge recycling projects.

Restoration of wetlands, reforestation, biological detoxification of aquifers, lakes and rivers, rehabilitation of water catchment areas, restoration of greenery to semi-deserts, planting trees and plants.

Cultivation of plants for their seeds which will be exchanged locally to enhance genes.

Removal of animal traps and fencing from wilderness areas.

Prevention of forest fires, and eliminate, where possible, erosion.

Restoration and protection of soils throughout the world and possible relocation of topsoil from fertile coastal plains if sea level rise cannot be prevented.

Change of health services with more doctors and nursing staff so that hospitals are properly staffed with non fatigued medical professionals at all times – we are live in times where people have a 30% higher chance of dying if they have an emergency during weekend or after hours!

Operation rooms to be used 24 hours per day to reduce the delay in operations.

Correcting our destructive non nutrition system.

Use of natural medicine to greatly decrease our health problem.

Correction of everyone’s vision by Free Laser treatment .

Change of education systems so as to make use of the best teachers and technology and to school over the air on TV and internet and with field trips and practicals.

Setting up and filming the new digital and broadcast education.

Encourage self learning.

Education to include a comprehensive understanding of how the everything functions so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

You may choose, as is your prerogative, not to believe those who are monitoring the growing evidence of climate chang


However, we believe, from the growing body of evidence and two reports recently received about greatly increased temperatures recorded for the last seven months. Methane levels rise and the current rate of oxygen depletion in the sea and on land that we are facing a period of rapidly increasing environmental deterioration, which will be “horrifying to live through” (Hong Yan Head of World met office 2007) as early as 2030 and maybe far sooner.

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