Root Causes

The root causes of global warming are the increase in gases that warm the planet and the removal of the vegetation and other organisms which would reduce Green House gases .


CO2 – by the burning of fossil fuel (oil and coal), and the diminishing of vegetation and phytoplankton that normally hold the carbon in plant matter.

METHANE – 27 times denser than CO2 and amounts growing 5 times faster from increase in livestock, permafrost melting, peatlands , drained and rotting , forests and peatlands burning, huge amounts of waste decomposing.

NITROUS OXIDE – From nitrogen compounds – strewn on the ground as fertiliser which is unstable so that 10% of it combines with O2 to make nitrous oxide.

BLACK CARBON from Al fires but particularly coal in power stations.

MAN MADE CHEMICALS – That kill living things capable of absorbing and processing the CO2 as they have done for centuries . 80% of all chemicals end up in the sea. They also cause cancers, etc.


Forests – by Fire and Logging

Vegetation that could hold CO2 by ploughing and losing topsoil to erosion, leaving soil uncovered and exposing soil micro-organisms to intense heating and cooling, and losing the water that then is not absorbed into the ground to nurture soil making organisms that sequester CO2, use of poisons that kill the soil biota

Phytoplankton – by warming seas so that phytoplankton photosynthesis and nutrient access is impaired. Use of Chemicals 80% of which end up in the sea which create huge dead zones .



Arctic Meltdown Methane from trees and biomass that have been frozen for hundreds of thousands of years in the permafrost of the tundra and under the arctic sea..– green house gases may double in a year.

Depletion of oxygen in the oceans and air Death of sealife. Cancers and death of O2 breathing animals

Peatland drainage Methane and CO2 from ”pickled” trees. Fire. Global warming.

Overfishing No fish by 2040

Ocean acidification Coral reef bleaching,. Disorientation of aquatic animals, compromised immune system and death of sealife

Black holes in the sea Death of sealife

Oxygen depletion Death of all oxygen breathing animals and us at when levels of O2 in the atmosphere reach 18%

Deforestation and forest fires Methane and CO2 increase – global warming- climate change. Loss of key species, huge shortage of food and oxygen.

Monoculture Loss of soil by erosion, climate change, salinization of soils, diminished nutrition value, use of poisons kills sea and micro-organisms that can sequestrate Carbon. Diminishing health, cancers.

Draining of wetlands Water purification and storage method loss. Methane and global warming.

Creation of waste Methane increase, contamination of aquifers, air, water, soils.

Burning of coal and oil Creation of CO2, Matching loss of oxygen, global warming, climate change, ocean acidification,

Loss of key species Destruction of ecosystems, breakdown of nature, starvation

Hunting Extinction, breakdown of ecosystems

Chemicals Cancer, deformities, illness, death of sea life and micro-organisms. Death of pollinating insects and other species.Climate change. Diminishing O2 due to death of phytoplankton.

Battery farming Methane, CO2, chemicals, water contamination, deforestation, antibiotic resistance.

GM crops Most diseases, food intolerances, no nutrition, contamination of normal plants. Death of animals and people. Leaky guts syndrome. The body does not recognise GM products as food and so the body goes into inflammation. ( Nor do the bacteria in septic tanks!)



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