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COP 20 Kimaren Ole Riamit from ILEPA-Kenya rights of indigenous people

COP 20 Lima Panel Speaker Kimaren Ole Riamit from Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners, (ILEPA) based in Kenya on: The rights and interests of indigenous people to be recognized by COP negotiators & included in binding Climate action plans and agreements. Although indigenous people are of the land and have the lowest carbon footprint, they are […]

Future of Agriculture in Morocco with Prof James Burleigh

In an exclusive interview with Mother Channel, at COP 22 conference, Professor James R. Burleigh, USA soil scientist from Sante Fe, Mexico, speaks on his current training program at ENA – Ecole Nationale D’Agriculture de Meknès, Morocco, with Prof. Mohammed Boulif (Prof. of Agriculture, Morocco) covering mainly agricultural research methodologies, i.e. setting up field experiments […]